Save over Rs. 7000 and get Annual Fee waiver.

शनिवार, 28 जनवरी 2012

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Double delight all the year long.
Enjoy the spirit of festivities with
the Citibank Cash Back Credit Card.
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It only takes a minute
Citibank Cash Back Card
Earn cash back on your festive and other spends
Spend 20,000 annually on the card and get a waiver on
  Annual card fee#
So, why wait for a discount sale when you can get a double delight all year through.
You can earn a whopping 7200 in a year (600 in a month) just by doing the things you love!
Take a look at how you can earn cash back:
Spend type Spend / month Cash Back Your Savings
Telephone Bills 1500 5%
Electricity / Utility Bills 1500 5%
Groceries / Apparel 10000 0.5%
Dining Spends 1500 20%
Movie Spends 1000 10%
Monthly Total 15500  
Annual Total 186000  
This chart is for illustrative purpose only.
Apply NOW! >>
It only takes a minute
© 2011 Citigroup Inc. Citibank and Arc Design is a registered service mark of Citigroup Inc.
Please note: Maximum cash back of `100 per month for each category of movies, telephone & utility bills.
#Else a fee of 500 will be applicable at the end of the year.
For detailed terms & conditions on offers and fees, click here
Click here to view the Most Important Terms and Conditions of this card.
As a part of credit card application procedure, we would require your recent passport size photograph, address proof and self-attested copy of your valid photo identity document. You would be contacted separately for collection of these documents.
Issuance of the Credit Card is at the sole discretion of the bank and is subject to the bank's approval criteria. Please do not reply to this mail as it is a computer generated mail
Please do not reply to this mail as it is a computer generated mail For further information, please follow the instructions mentioned above.
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Our office is located at 221, Okhla Industrial Estate III, New Delhi 110020.

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