HR (Hindu Religious Endowment) and CE (Charitable Endowments) Act - A FRAUD ON CONSTITUTION

बुधवार, 31 अगस्त 2011

Hindus, or the non-communal majority within the majority, "who have taken their individuality permitted in Sanatan Dharma (the eternal faith) to the extreme" — or for not being communal enough should be treated as 'traitors'.

See the following article how Hindus are treated in Bhaara

HR (Hindu Religious Endowment) and CE (Charitable Endowments) Act


By BR Haran

The recent episode of opening the secret vaults of Trivandrum Anantha Padmanaba Swamy Temple on the orders of Supreme Court and the subsequent expose of its wealth gave yet another opportunity to the 'secular' brigade to harp on and condemn Hindu religious traditions. The secular brigade, which never opens its mouth about the richness of the minority institutions and the huge foreign money flowing into them, gave 'generous' suggestions on how the temple's wealth could be used for the 'benefit' of the nation and its citizens thereby upholding 'secularism'. As the secular brigade exhibited its cleverness by talking only about the wealth of Hindu Temples, a section of Hindus exposed its stupidity by debating how other ancient temples could also have such wealth and how they could be used for the uplift of society. One naïve scholar, asserting his scholarship, went to the extent of petitioning the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister requesting her to dig out the "wealth" present under the Garuda Mandapam of the famous Srirangam Temple.

Is Hindu Religious Endowment Act Constitutional?

The Law of the Land, which is common and uniform throughout the country across all states and union territories for the religious minorities, is not so for the Hindu majority. This anomaly is clearly evident from the fact that the "Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act' is not uniform across the country. In a 'secular' country, which is supposed to have equal respect for all the religions, how could a state have control of only Hindu Temples and not other religious worshipping places? How come the HR and CE Act is enacted in some states and not so in some other states? So, it automatically throws a big question, whether the charter of HR and CE Act is Constitutional?

Secularism as Anti-Hinduism

Although the Constituent Assembly felt that 'secularism' is 'respect for all religions' in Indian parlance, it has degenerated into pseudo and farcical over the years, and become a synonym for 'anti-Hinduism'. The 'secular brigade', which comprises almost all major political parties, major and mainstream media houses (both print and electronic) and most of all intellectuals and 'celebs', has wrecked havoc in the society causing deep divisions.

While the "secular" political parties indulge in vote bank politics by adopting appeasement policies, the "secular" media, in connivance with those parties, take a blatantly anti-majority and pro-minority position religiously, notwithstanding its practice of creating and fuelling caste wise divisions among the majority community. On the other hand, the "intellectual" section of the secular brigade, which is mostly left-oriented with a "liberal" attitude enjoy travel tours with five star treatment, organized by alien forces, to attend

seminars and present lectures against the interests of their own country India, notwithstanding their talks and writings, which are blatantly anti-majority in the name of secularism.

Invasion, Survival and continuance of hostility

The survival and sustenance of Hindu Dharma could be attributed mainly to two aspects namely, Temple Tradition and Acharya Parampara. The invaders were also aware of it and that was why they focused on destroying the temples, which stood tall as magnificent symbols of our cultural heritage. If the Islamists indulged in iconoclasm and forceful conversion, the Christians indulged in inculturation and evangelisation in addition to iconoclasm. During the British regime, they brought the temples under the government control in order to usurp the temple properties and loot their wealth.

After independence, our national leaders made a huge blunder of framing a Constitution, which did not reflect our ethos at all. Stuck with a colonial mindset, they relied on the British Constitution and a few other western countries' constitutions and framed ours. Despite the partition and birth of Pakistan on religious grounds, they failed to exchange the population and created a Hindusthan. Later on, the continuation of McCauley System of Education clubbed with the successive governments following Nehruvian Secularism, the so-called independence turned out to be only a transfer of power, as the sufferings of the majority continued due to the second class treatment it got from the state.

The practice of vote bank politics and appeasement policies led to a gradual and steady acquisition of lands and properties and construction of worshipping places by the minorities totally disproportionate to their population. On the other side, the state started taking control of a large number of Hindu Temples and Muths while simultaneously using the temple revenue for civil and non-Hindu purposes leading to the reduction of temple lands and properties. Over the years, thousands of temples have also been demolished by the respective state governments in the name of developing infrastructures.

That which happened to the Temple tradition, happened to the Acharya Parampara too. In a country which has a glorious tradition of Guru-Sishya Parampara and great reverence for Acharyas and Religious Gurus, moral values have degenerated to the extent of foisting cases on them and placing them under incarceration and subjecting them to even physical harassment. Governments run by pseudo secular political parties have developed the temerity to arrest Hindu Swamijis on foisted charges and imprison them purely for political reasons. This outrageous act of persecuting Hindu Gurus has started only with the advent of the UPA government led by alien-headed Congress. The atrocious trend, which started with the outrageous assault on Kanchi Acharyas, continues unabated, as evidenced by the brutal murder of Swami Lakshmananada Saraswathi and his disciples, incarceration of Swami Amritananda Dev Tirtha, Shankaracharya of the PoK-based Sri Sharada Sarvagya Peeth, harassment of Sadhvi Pragnya, Singh Thakur (both on false charges of involvement in Malegon blasts and without even a shred of admissible evidence), imprisonment of Swami Aseemanand foisting the involvement in Samjhautha Train blasts on him maligning Sri Sathya Sai Baba by concocting dreadful stories about his Ashram activities even after his Samadhi and the atrocious midnight assault on Swami Baba Ramdev and his disciples even while they were sleeping.

The unending assault on Temple traditions and Acharya Parampara proves that the Hindu Samaj continues to suffer despite the so-called independence.

De-Hinduisation as objective

If India still stands as a 'Hindu Nation' without losing its core values of religious tradition and cultural heritage despite the devastation perpetrated by the alien forces for more than thousand years, it is purely because of its spiritual strength and the basic principles of Sanatana Dharma. As the alien religions are not true religions per se, but purely political concepts in the garb of religions, they operate with the aim of capturing this nation. To accomplish this aim, de-Hinduisation of Bhaarat - India becomes a necessity, which can be realised only by capturing or influencing the four pillars of democracy.

On the one hand, they have slowly and steadily infiltrated into the political, bureaucratic, educational and health care systems and to some extent into judiciary also. On the other, they indulge in expanding their land holdings, educational and health care institutions and infrastructures, increasing their domination even in entertainment industry, preaching and propagating their faiths and converting the gullible masses. Their political influence helps them increase their covert activities through their missionaries and NGOs and the secular media power extends huge support by projecting those activities as genuine.

Strategies for De-Hinduisation

To achieve the objective of De-Hinduising India, the secular brigade applies the strategies of attacking Religious Tradition, Cutlural Heritage,


Questioning of age old tradition of not allowing women between the age group of 10 and 50 being followed at Sabarimala; conducting needless debates on TV Channels; conspiracy by a Christian actress from Karnataka that she did the impossible act of touching the Iyappa Murthy inside the narrow sanctum sanctorum of Sabarimala

Questioning the age-old tradition of Guruvayur in cleaning the temple after the visit of non-Hindus; questioning the tradition of dress code being adopted in the same temple for ages; conducting unnecessary debates on this tradition; questioning the ritual of 'Deva Prasnam' followed traditionally in Kerala temples.

Denigration of the formation of Ice-Lingam at the cave shrine of Amarnath; creating false stories about it

Questioning the age-old tradition of not allowing foreigners in Puri Jagannath Temple and debating the ritual of 'Mahaprasadam' practiced in the same temple.

Arrest of Acharyas and Swamijis on imposed charges and denigration of their institutions.

This was intended to stop their reaching out to the masses and conducting a lot of activities which led to the stoppage of conversions.

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