Now Baba Ramdev should lead ‘Lok Pal Bill Movement’

सोमवार, 6 अगस्त 2012

Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik

Sub:- Now Baba Ramdev should lead 'Lok Pal Bill Movement' (LPBM).

Ref:- (i)- India extremely sad on termination of 'Jan Lok Pal Bill Movement' by Anna & his Team.  

(ii)- Rajdeep Sardesai theory proved right that 'Maharashtrians, after 3rd Battle of Panipat, do not succeed in Delhi'.

(iii)-  Kejariwal's support to Anna's suggestion of Gram-Sabha supremacy, proves that IIT is no guarantee for imparting even common sense.

(iv)- Baba may launch anti – black money agitation in second phase after realization of Lok Pal law.

(v)- Baba should launch new NGO to lead LPBM

(vi)- If Baba avoids mistakes of Anna & his Team, people are still committed to participate in realization of Lok Pal Law.

(vii)- Anna & his Team did not develop organizational structure across country.

(viii)- Anna & his Team did not develop hierarchy of leaderships by successive agitations across India under these leaderships.

(ix)- In the face of Government indifference, Anna & his Team gave-up agitation even before trying 'Jail Bharo Andolan'.

Dear Sir  

India was extremely sad on August 3, 2012 evening when Anna & his Team terminated 'Jan Lok Pal Bill Movement'  (JLPBM) against corruption, which they were leading for the last 16 months.  After all if most of the 1.2 billion Indians expected a corruption free India  (for the realization of which they came on streets in millions in August 2011 when Anna was arrested and kept in Tihar Jail and later observed fast after his release at Ramlila Maidan and people came on street even after this, despite improper conduct of JLPBM by Anna & his Team), then by any reckoning it cannot be said that economically humble Indians were asking for moon. But fortunately for India there is still a hope if Baba Ramdev comes forward and gives the lead to 'Lok Pal Bill Movement' (LPBM) as given below:-

(1)- In this August, 3 sad episode two things stand out glaringly:-

(i)- The theory of Rajdeep Sardesai (presently Editor-in-Chief of IBN18 Network, that includes CNN-IBN, IBN-7 and IBN-Lokmat)  proved right that 'Maharashtrians, after 3rd 'Battle of Panipat' in 1761 (where Maratha power was hugely defeated), do not succeed in Delhi'. Therefore Anna Hazare, a Maharashtrian, if failed in Delhi over JLPBM then there should be no surprise.

(ii)-  As if the other impractical and undesirable ideas of Anna, like 'right to recall', 'right to reject' etc were not enough, the support of Arvind Kejariwal (prominent member of  Team Anna)  to Anna's funny suggestion of Gram-Sabha supremacy over Parliament and Vidhan Sabhas, crossed every limit of informed formulation. It only proved that 'Indian Institute of Technology' (IIT, the elite and highly prestigious institution globally, from where Kejariwal graduated), is no guarantee for imparting even common sense.

(2)- First and foremost it needs to be understood that notwithstanding the promise of Anna & his Team from indefinite fast site Jantar Mantar Delhi - that in place of JLPBM they will provide 'political alternative' and which, as claimed, will solve all the problems of India (including corruption) - is nothing but an attempt to offer a brave face before running away from the battle field and betraying billion people who trusted Anna & his Team for carrying out JLPBM to its successful conclusion.

(3)- Any body who has listened the speeches of Anna & his Team from Jantar Mantar on August, 3 - (including speech of Anna where he apart from other politically funny things said that he will neither join this political party nor contest election but will twist the ears of erring members or office bearers or people's representatives of this political party from outside) - must have realized that JLPBM under Anna survived at least for 16 months but this to be launched political party will be lucky if it can survive even that long.

(4)- Therefore under the circumstances there is only one alternative left with the people of India who want to see India corruption free, that is to keep this anti - corruption movement alive under new leadership. This leadership is presently readily available in Baba Ramdev who had already come on the platform of JLPBM in the past. But for this to succeed Baba will have to avoid the mistakes of Anna & his Team which destroyed the JLPBM.

(5)- Baba should not repeat the mistake of taking up too many things at a time as was committed by Anna & his Team who even before realizing JLPB had since 2011 started talking about (constitutional-legal-institutional mechanism for Gram Sabha supremacy over Lok Sabha & Vidhan Sabha, right to recall, right to reject etc).  Therefore Baba should declare that the anti – black money agitation which he planned to launch from August 9, 2012 will be launched in second phase after the successful conclusion of anti - corruption LPBM.

(6)- Though Yoga (and Aasan) have been practiced in India for time unmemorable but Baba Ramdev made it famous world over as no body could do it before him. Moreover his organization for herbal medicines has also achieved spectacular success and Baba has organized number of successful gatherings ('Yoga Shivirs') all over India. Therefore Baba is a proven authority on the formation and execution of ideas and programs. But still Baba has not carried out any mass movement like of LPBM so far.  Therefore Baba should not depend on his NGO  (' Bharat Swabhiman Trust' etc) for this LPBM. Rather Baba should launch a new Registered NGO to lead this LPBM.

(7)- Unlike Anna, who had a coterie of handful of persons as his Team and did not develop, despite repeated requests, the organizational structure of his NGO "India Against Corruption', Baba should develop elaborate and institutional first, second third, forth, fifth, sixth and seventh line of leadership at national, state, sambhag, district, tehsil / taluka / metros, nagar / panchayat samities, gram / ward level respectively, through this new registered NGO.

(8)- By merely appointing some persons or by getting them elected by members of this NGO will not develop these seven levels of leaderships from national to gram / ward level. For this Baba will have to develop this hierarchy of leadership by successive agitations across India under these seven levels of leaderships for realizing Lok Pal Bill which will have the provisions as per the sense of Parliament expressed in mid 2011:-

(i)- All government employees should come under Lokpal / Lokayukta and Investigating Agencies (including anti-corruption wing of CBI) should be under Lokpal / Lokayukta. For Judiciary there can be another version of Lokpal, the 'Judicial Commission'.

(ii)- Lokayukta in States should be there like Lokpal at Centre. For implementing UN convention on corruption Parliament should legislate for States under Article 253 of Constitution.

(iii)- Citizen Charter for Centre and States.

(iv)- Fast track courts for (A)- Criminal cases against Constitutional Authorities (including MPs, MLAs, Central Ministers, State Ministers, Judges of Courts etc) and (B)- Related to all the corruption cases (under Anti-corruption Act) against 'Public Servants' of Union and States.

(9)- If any body thinks that by merely developing these seven levels of leadership and by carrying out successive nation wide agitations for LPBM under these seven leaderships, the people of India will automatically get said anti - corruption law then he / she is hoping against hopes. This LPBM by Baba Ramdev is also likely to face the same indifference from Government which JLPBM of Anna faced before he terminated JLPBM on August, 3 in the middle of indefinite fast by Anna & some members of his Team.

(10)- In the face of such Government indifference, Baba will succeed in this LPBM only when he will not commit the mistake committed by Anna & his Team and will not give-up the agitation but will go for  'Jail Bharo Andolan' and which will certainly realize the said anti-corruption law.

Therefore if Baba Ramdev, as mentioned above, avoids the mistakes of Anna & his Team and leads LPBM with new NGO then Indians, who are still committed to participate in anti - corruption movement, will see to it that India transforms into a corruption free country sooner than later.


Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')  

Richfield, Minnesota – 55423, USA, Ph:- 612-202-4053
Presently at – Bangaluru - 560041, India, Ph:- 080 – 41694386, 07829074704

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