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शनिवार, 21 मार्च 2009

भाई अजीत मिश्रा ने एक मेल के द्वारा ये संदेश भेजा है मानवता के नाते एक बच्ची को उसके परिवार से मिलाने का प्रयास करिये हो सकता है कि ईश्वर ने हमें ही निमित्त बनाया हो। अपने सभी संपर्कों को इस संदेश को फ़ारवर्ड कर दीजिये ताकि सूचना विस्तार ले सके- सादर धन्यवाद
ये है खोयी हुई बिटिया अपूर्वा की तस्वीर उसके छोटे भाई के साथ, ये तस्वीर 2004 में निकाली हुई है

Please read...no money required.... ......just a few moments of yoursand wide publicity to help parents get their daughter back…Hello friends,I have a very noble cause behind sending this mail to all ofyou.Please spare some time to read through it.My Army friend met a guy named Mr. Ravi Shankar on the train when hewas returning from chennai on 26th of December, 2008.I was having a regular chat with him regarding the Army and its rulesand regulations and how the forces are admired in our country.He then told me about a shocking tragedy that his family went throughand hence I write this mail to you seeking your help.He told me that he was posted in CAR-NICOBAR in the year 2004 as aseargent in the INDIAN AIR-FORCE.. On 26th of december that year hisfamily fell victim to theUnfortunate Tsunami that struck out eastern coast.He along with hiswife and two children(photo below) were washed in the deadlywaters.Reaching out his wife managed to cling ontoA tree but his small son(picture insight on the left)had swollowed toomuch water and passed away in her arms. Ravi also in desperation toswim lost grip of his daughter's(APURVA) hand.She was washed away and was never to be found again,until one day theycame to know of her being sighted at a relief camp. On contacting theauthorities they came to know that this little girlWas abducted from the relief camp and was missing again. Since thenMr. Ravi shankar has been travelling to chennai every year with a hopeto see his daughter. He has been publishing MISSING coloums in majordaily's in chennai,and he showed me how heavily these newspapers had acharged him for a those ad's. One of the major newspapers charged hima whooping amount of 12000 rupeesfor a 4 X 4 cm ad(that too on the fourth page). Please donot considerthis mail a regular chain mail and do care to forward this to your
near and dear ones. He requested me to do something to reach out topeople who use e-media(internet etc.).I myself have posted her pictureon my blog and i request people who own there personal blog pages topost this girl's picture there as it could be of significant help. Incase any news of any nature is found regarding her (APURVA) pleasedrop in a mail at the below mentioned mail id's or the followingaddress.1. James mathew( 123.mathew@gmail. com )2. Amit kumar ( amitkumarmajor@ hotmail.com )3.. khem chandra pan ( khemchandrapan@ yahoo.com )Or contact:Mr. RAVI SHANKARSMQ – 17/2AF VAYUSENABADTUGLAKABADNEW DELHI-110062Phone no - 09868763263

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